My First Experience With Dermaplaning, a Chemical Peel, And LED Light Therapy

dermaplaning at bruno brown plastic surgery
Zara (master esthetician) removing dead skin cells from my face (dermaplaning)

I recently visited Bruno Brown Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase Maryland to get a skin consult and ultimately had some dermaplaning, a chemical peel, and LED light therapy!

As soon as I walked into the office I was greeted by friendly staff. The waiting area is large, clean, bright, and brand new as this is one of their newest locations in the DC area!

I was then taken back to a beautiful room where I met Zara! She is the master aesthetician and was super knowledgable and friendly. She asked me questions about my skin care and informed me on the benefits of dermaplaning and how it works. She was very knowledgable and experienced so I felt very comfortable trying something new.

Just a little backstory… I’ve literally done nothing to my face… other than consistently wash it. I have never even had a facial, so at 36, I feel like it’s time I start being more proactive with my skin! I also wanted to be informed, after a consult, on what would be the best options for me to keep my skin healthy and looking its very best. The goal for me is to ultimately reduce dark spots and acne, as well as age as gracefully as possible!

Now, back to dermaplaning. For those who don’t know, dermaplaning removes several layers of dead skin cells, allowing for deeper penetration of products including the peel we did after. It also removes white heads and black heads.

Zara using a scalpel to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz

I personally felt like it was satisfying to feel the light scraping of dead skin cells leave my face! It wasn’t painful in the least and wasn’t super time consuming either. The way my face felt after was incredible!! My face has never felt so smooth!

After the dermaplaning, Zara recommended the ZO stimulator peel which is considered a lunch time peel. We did that after the dermaplaning. It’s a unique combination of exfoliating ingredients including lactic, citric, and glycolic acid. The benefits include removing dead skin cells, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and surface pigmentation, evening skin tone, and preventing inflammation. It also includes anti-irritant benefits to help soothe and calm the skin.

Zara applying the ZO stimulator peel

I felt tingling through out the process with the peel, but again, nothing painful whatsoever. I was still able to relax and loved the process of having my face washed after. Again my face felt amazing!

Lastly we did LED therapy, which is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light to help regenerate the skin from aging. Red light (which is the one we did) is primarily used for anti-aging. It’s benefits include collagen and elastin stimulation as well as anti-inflammatory properties and improving circulation. There’s a blue light as well that is used for acne treatment as it targets the sebaceous glands (oil glands) and kills acne causing bacteria.

laying under the red LED light used for anti-aging (collagen/elastin stimulation)

The LED light therapy was SUPER relaxing! I felt like I was laying on a beach somewhere soaking in all the much needed warmth. This was probably my favorite part!

After my appointment, Zara recommended some skin care for me to try to help clear up the never ending acne I seem to have (thanks hormones) and I walked out excited to see continued results!

Zara recommending me the best skin care for all my concerns and when and how to use it

I made an appointment to go back in about a month to receive my first ever IPL treatment, which I will be updating you all on next!! Over all, I would definitely recommend a dermaplaning treatment to someone who is experiencing dull skin, has acne scars or light pigmentation, or just wants to remove that dead layer of skin to help with skin cell turnover and remove peach fuzz!

I did notice that my make up went on much smoother and evenly after and I definitely had a “glow” about my face for weeks! I have a ton of acne to still get rid of along with a bunch of scarring and sun damage so I’m looking forward to diving in a little deeper as far as targeting those things on a bit more of an intense level.

Feel free to pop over to my instagram to watch my story highlight labeled, “skincare” to get a more behind the scenes look at what it was like!

Also, If you are in the DC, MD, VA area and have been looking for a trusted plastic surgeons office for skincare needs and more, give Bruno Brown Plastic Surgery a call! If you mention my name (“jess” duh) you get your $100 consultation fee waived!