Hi, I’m Jessica!

I’m a young mom of 4 living in the suburbs of Maryland right outside of the DC area! I’m obsessed with style and fashion for the whole family as well as traveling and adventuring on a budget with my husband and kids!

My oldest is 14 (daughter), then I have two boys (11 & 9), and then my youngest daughter is 2! I say all the time that I feel like I’m living in two worlds at the same time having a teen and a toddler! Our life is busy and full, but so so amazing!

Other than the occasional blogging, I’m entertaining my 2 year old during the day, and a couple evenings a week I teach dance at a local dance studio! I’m also the uber driver of the house now that all my kids are involved in different activities (not to mention their growing social lives), so I feel like somedays I live in the car!

Anyways, I’m a fan of meeting new people and thrive off of authentic connections so if you’re new here, hi! Never hesitate to slide into my DM’s, comment here, or shoot me an email! I’m glad you’re here!